Scratchpad Development 3

Had a few issues after the upgrade to Drupal 6, but the site is back up to where it was (thanks to scratchpad team).

Dabbled with Panels again, but decided (again) not to include them. Seemed to slow the website quite a bit and found I was hiding most of the panels anyway. So it is back to a simple page for each assessment indicating the rating (images from Wikipedia) and with pdf reports attached.

I like the new mapping options (if a little static) to display TDWG regions and have started to add these. The maps are quite big so perhaps some size options would be good? We will still tag nodes to TDWG regions using our own TDWG taxonomy so that someone can search for assessments by region, rather than taxon.

Ferns taxonomy on its way...

Had over 10,000 page views - I guess that is a bit of a milestone.

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