Welcome to Sampled Red List Index for Plants

This site contains Red List conservation assessments completed as part of the Sampled Red List Index for Plants project.

The Red List Index is our barometer of life, and tells us the status of biodiversity, how this changes over time and measures the extinction risk of a species.  As plants are such a huge and diverse group, the Sampled Red List Index for Plants has randomly selected a sample of 7,000 out of the worlds 380,000 known plant species, which gives us a representative picture of the overall group.

In 2010 the first phase of the SRLI for Plants project revealed that one in five plants are threatened with extinction, and around a third of plants are so poorly known that we do not know if they are threatened or not.

Please register and post a comment if you know anything relating to the conservation status of a species from the sample. Please note that all assessments are pending approval for listing on the IUCN Red List website, unless otherwise stated.

For more information about the project see 'Plants at Risk'. Also see the Plants Under Pressure report. 

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